Dhs. 2,115.00


  • First production model of its kind. 425mm Nitro powered by GAUI 37 Engine.
  • Extremely easy to tune engine.
  • 220cc/9oz fuel tank provides 6.5 min+ flight times.
  • Incredible fuel economy allowing close to 17 flights/gallon of fuel.
  • Excellent power to weight ratio similar to most .90 sized Nitro Helicopters.
  • Simple, robust, reliable frame construction.
  • Plenty of frame space for mounting electronics.
  • “Electric feeling” gear ratio-model provides excellent low-end
  • torque and is very forgiving for inexperienced pilots.
  • Many parts shared with GAUI X4 and GAUI X5.
  • Direct Servos -> Swash for 120-degree CCPM providing extremely easy setup and operation.
  • Adjustable servo mounting blocks for precise CCPM operation.
  • Accommodates “Mini” sized servos.
  • 8mm Main Shaft. 6mm Head Axle (spindle).
  • Stylish pre-painted FRP Canopy.


NX4 Basic Kit x 1 set

215600-CF main blades (425L-CFA) ♦CF Main blades(425mm) x 1 set
0P1072-HALO CF Tail Rotor Blade Set(72mm) ♦HALO CF Tail Rotor Blade Set(72mm) x 1 set


  • Main blade size: 425~460mm
  • Tail blade size: 70~77mm
  • Main Gear ratio: 7.06: 1
  • (120t main gear 17t pinion)
  • Tail drive ratio: 4.36: 1 (61 / 14)
  • Fuel tank: 220cc / 9oz
  • Servo size: “Mini”

Suitable engine for Gaui NX4:

  • 1.O.S MAX 37SZ-H
  • 2.O.S 50SX-H(additional item required)
  • 3.O.S 55HZ-R DRS(additional item required)
  • 4.O.S 55HZ-H Hyper(additional item required)
  • 5.GAUI T-10(additional item required)

Required for operation

  • Engine: GAUI 37SZ-H
  • Muffler: 30 class muffler.
  • CCPM Servos x3
  • Tail Servo x1
  • Throttle Servo x1
  • GAUI Mini VBar x1