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One of the best mini quad copter frames you will find, the Orbit One 250 Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame is built specifically to tackle the problems in FPV Racing and video recording with quadcopters.
This carbon fiber quadcopter is designed to be practical. It is fully symmetrical and of course, as the name suggests, 250mm in size (distance is measured from one motor shaft to the other motor shaft sitting diagonally). The light weight airframe is designed to easily accommodate 5’’ props.

Carbon Fiber Tech:
The lightweight mini quadcopter frame might seem weak at first, but don’t be fooled. Carbon fiber is no doubt tough as nails. In fact, the reason why most quality mini quadcopter frames are made with Carbon fiber is due to its high strength and resilience compared to its small weight. Orbit One 250 can easily withstand the power of dominating 2300 kV motors. And that too while weighing just 150 g for the airframe, including LED boards, landing gears and PDB, with AUW coming out at 540g, including all FPV gear, flight electronics and a Mobius HD camera.

Steady, Clear Videos:
A great quadcopter frame won’t just be strong and light weight, it would also deliver on one of the core competencies of a quadcopter: video recording. Orbit One 250 carbon fiber frame is designed specifically to provide that by reducing the impact of vibrations on the video. This mini quadcopter frame has been specifically designed to counter that by minimizing failure points, reducing excessive part counts and bringing in critical state of the art changes in our production and assembly.


  • Set up in X, H or GoPro Configuration for flight
  • Complete support for HD video cameras such as GoPro
  • Built in mount for cameras like the HS1177
  • Carbon Fiber GoPro Box 
  • 6mm replaceable arms
  • An awesome quadcopter frame won’t just deliver on all of the above, it'll deliver them at a competitive price just like Orbit One 250 carbon fiber quadcopter frame. We encourage you to compare us with our competitors but you won’t find anything providing you with similar features at the same price.

ARF Includes:

  • F1 - Orbit One 250 Frame Kit
  • 4x - Little Bee ESC's
  • 4x - Space One FPV 2204 2300kv Racing Motors
  • Space One FPV Mini PDB
  • 4x - Space One FPV Ultra Durable Props 5x4.5 Bullnose
  • Carbon Fiber GoPro Box
  • Naze 32 or CC3D tuned w/ Cleanflight

Recommended to get in air (not included):

  • Taranis X9D Transmitter w/ Reciever
  • FPV Goggles Reciever Camera Vtx