Kiss 24A ESC Race Edition- 32Bit Brushless

Dhs. 115.00

This KISS ESC offers great compatibility to a wide range of motors. The fast 32it Arm Cortex CPU runs the ESC very effectively for improve reaction times.

The 24 Race Edition is laid out as a beefy ESC, which can withstand FPV race conditions. There are several mechanisms to protect your valuable equipment, and the rating of 24A wont need direct cooling. Partial mounting works too.

No need to spend time changing firmwares, simply solder and fly (some solder skills are the only needed skills). First ESC with with oneshot42 support (dont worry, Oneshot125 and normal PWM are auto detected too). Offers easy to use telemetry function over the regular servo connector which you can use in combination with our KISS-FC.

Download User Manual Here.


32-bit ARM Cortex MCU @ 48Mhz
Telemetry capability (current, voltage and speed / RPM will be covered by the ESC itself and to compatible devices such as our KISS FC forwarded)
Over Current Protection. Measures the current and active limiting at 30A.
Fast reacting over heating protection. Reducing the throttle when exceeding 120° C, wile not simply shutting down the unit.
Advanced Auto Timing (3.25 to 30 ° are at each engine step readjusted, unique to the 32bit Kiss ESC line)
For Race Multicopter Developed (24A continuous without direct cooling *)
High max. Speed ??(450.000ERpm, 64.000Rpm at a 14POL Motor)
Fine speed control (about 950 steps, real resolution)
No external ElKo (electrolytic capacitor) necessary
Fast reacting throttle changes
Linear throttle response
Active freewheeling enabled (little diode losses resulting in higher efficiency)
Regenerative braking, thereby rapid throttle response at deceleration (the ESC uses active freewheeling and regenerative braking, 2 independent features which relates to each other in different working states)
Fast switching FET by the use of gate drivers
Minimal dead times by an adaptive dead time
2-5S LiPo capable
Oneshot42, Oneshot125 and normal (25 - 500Hz) PWM is detected automatically.

Current Draw: 24A Continuous
Voltage Range: 2-5s Lipo
Weight: 3.53g
Size: 19mm x 27mm x 4.5mm

1x KISS 24A ESC Race Edition Board