ServoKing BLS-6853 Digital Standard Size Brushless Servo

Dhs. 490.00 Dhs. 365.00

Product Description


HV-Digital Standard size Servo made in Taiwan.
Can be used as CCPM and Tailservo in Helis as also in Airplanes.
Full Metal Gears
Full Aluminium Alloy Case
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Why waste money on over-marketed big brand servos?

Trust SERVOKING to deliver more than required performance for your RC Helicopter and Airplanes.

Model : BLS-6853
Motor : Brushless
Type : Standard
Main Gear Size : 6mm
Weight : 65g (2.28oz)
Torque : 22.8kg-cm (316.6oz-in)@6V
27.7kg-cm (384.7oz-in)@7.4V
29.3kg-cm (406.9oz-in)@8.4V
Speed : 0.085(sec/60°)@8.4V
0.098 (sec/60°)@7.4V
0.145 (sec/60°)@6V
Dimension : 20W*37L*40H mm
Gear type : Metal gear
Frequence : 1520μs/333hz