1/8 L8ight Model Race Roller

Dhs. 1,740.00

Product Description

Key Features

  • Professionally developed and tuned specifically for dirt oval racing
  • Features the ingenious design and superior materials of the 8IGHT for superior and proven quality
  • A completely assembled dirt oval Race Roller chassis in one box
  • Modeled after the full-scale vehicle for realistic appearance and performance characteristics
  • The dirt-oval-specific shock towers allow specific adjustments for different styles of dirt oval tracks
  • The 15mm aluminum big-bore shocks filled with silicone fluid use special coil springs developed for dirt oval racing
  • Molded front bumper and foam reinforcements help absorb shocks and crash impacts for greater front end protection
  • Utilizes adjustable, oversized molded body mounts to securely hold the body in place to endure wall banging and impacts during racing
  • The aerodynamic Dirt Late Model style body provides stability with excellent steering and tracking characteristics
  • Decals for the front grille and headlights, as well as window masks to paint the body are included with the vehicle
  • Low profile GRP rubber racing tires mounted on Losi wheels provide needed traction

Needed To Complete

.21 Buggy Engine 
Tuned Exhaust System 
2-channel radio system with high-torque servos 
Paint for polycarbonate bodies 
Starter box