3-axis Fbl Controller Incl. Tail Gyro

Dhs. 815.00 Dhs. 745.00


The bavarianDEMON 3SX is a high-quality, exceptionally compact flybarless system for model helicopters.
 As a particular highlight for those who place particular value on the utmost security of their valuable RC helicopters the 3SX offers a rescue or horizon mode steered via an auxiliary channel.

The rescue mode is - surprise, surprise - unique worldwide and enables the helicopter to shoot upwards via an automatic pitch action in addition to horizontal alignment.

The 3SX contains a high-quality silicon MEMS gyroscope from the newest generation on a gold-plated printed circuit board, a demoniacally fast integrated tail gyroscope and a symmetric torque control.
The bavarianDEMON 3SX is universally usable for demoniacally rough 3D flights as well as for large scale helicopters (two and multiple blade).

It is even suitable for beginners due to the optional connectible horizon mode.
 The 3SX patented horizontal stabilization system contains various modes which specifically and completely automatically quickly steer the helicopter back into a horizontal flight attitude from flight manoeuvres such as tic toc or piro flip - if the pilot would like this. The stabilization strength and the turning off and on of the horizontal mode can take place - via an auxiliary channel - directly from the transmitter.

The 3SX is usable in electric, nitro, combustion-powered and turbine-powered helicopters.
 It supports all current analogue, digital and brushless servos, including narrow pulse servos on the tailpiece as well as all current swashplate variants and virtual swashplate torsion.
 The bavarianDEMON 3SX comes to its new owner in this elegant, demonically coloured CNC-milled aluminium housing. Here it offers flexible installation options no matter whether horizontal or vertical.
Programming is conceivably simple thanks to a demoniacally brilliant set-up assistant.
In addition, the bavarianDEMON 3SX offers real-time-tuning for optimization of all important parameters in the flight.


The connection cable from the receiver to the BavarianDEMON 3SX is inserted on both sides.
Of course, a BavarianDEMON 3SX is capable of on-line update via an integrated flash memory. In addition to its excellent flybarless features, the BavarianDEMON 3SX is hence a quasi "real-flying flight simulator" - however at the highest fun level.