Corvus 540 50cc-89in

Dhs. 1,675.00

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- Wing Span: 2265mm/89in
- Length: 2200mm/87in
- Wing Area:
- Weight: 7.5-8.1Kg
- Material: balsa


- Pre-install fuel tank
- Pre-install all linkages
- New screw for fuselage
- New winglets make side flight more stable
- Updated accessories
- Light weight and high strength structural
- Super quality
- Easy installation
- Two pieces of removable wings
- Fully symmetrical aerofoil tail wing
- Excellent aerobatics and 3D performance
- High performance hardware including: Ball linkage control system; PU wheels; C.F.Tube;      Anodized long arms, Carbon Landing gear, safe servos staplers; Cowl with cowl ring, no exterior   screws exposed.
- Complete accessories

Requirements for Ready to Fly Complete Set (need buy separately):

- Engine: 50-70cc Gas Engine
- Radio: at least 6 Channels
- Servo: at least 6pcs
- Propeller: 22*8/22*10/23*8 (depends on engine)
- Spinner: 3.25in/ 3.5in/3.75in
- Receiver battery: 4.8V-6V 1200-2000mah (suggest item No.: NH1500-4, NH1500-5B, NH1500-5A, NH2000-5)
- Power Switch: two power switches (one for the receiver, one for the ignition CDI, such as ST4007)
- Fuel line