35cc AS KIT / Special Electric Starter with JOHNSON 550A Brushed Motor for EME55/ EME55-II /EME60 Gas Engine

Dhs. 480.00
 Total Net Weight: 540g
Equipped Brushed Motor:
 WORKING Voltage: 3-15V (12V for the best )
 Motor Length: 57mm
 Motor Diameter: 37.5mm
 Shaft Length: 9mm
 Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
 Net Weight: 205g
 Available Color: red and blue (sent randomly)
 Recommended ESC: 60A (need to buy separately)
Two Long Installation Screws for mounting EME55, EME55-II, EME60 engines
 Two Short Installation Screws for mounting DL55, DLE55, EME55-II, DA50, DA60 engines
Kindly Remark:
When mounting and testing the starter, teeth of gear must be clenched properly and solid oil lubrication should be coated on the surface, otherwise the gear will be abraded soon.
Only need a bit refitting by users, the starter also can be used for DLA56, DA50, DA60 gas engine, those users who are well in refitting can have a try.
 The starter is equipped with single bearing, so power only transfers from the motor to engine. But after the engine started, the power would not pass to motor, so as to protect the motor.
 Equipped with high speed 550A carbon brush motor and cooling fan.
Recommended Electric Switch (Item No.: EME-S-12):
 Coming with protection equipment, when the voltage and current exceed the specified value, the electric starter will automatically open and close
 Acting as a brushed ESC and using radio controller to control the electric starter, so users no need to purchase another ESC
- See more at: http://www.sdshobby.com/engine-fuel-accessories/airplane-engine/eme-gas-engine/special-electric-starter-with-johnson-550a-brushed-motor-for-eme55-eme55-ii-eme60-gas-engine.html#sthash.FJVRY8d8.dpuf