36mm 6900Kv 1406 Motor, 060-0002-00

Dhs. 635.00
Product Description

== Key Features ==* 1.4 inch diameter slotted stator* 4 magnet, four pole rotor for more torque* High quality bearings* Removable end bell end== Overview ==Racers, Bashers and Castle's engineers crave one thing, more power! So how do you improve upon the already awesome CM36 series. Work with motor guru Steve Neu to change the motor from a slotless design to one with a 1.4 inch diameter slotted stator. Then change the single neodymium rotor magnet from a 2 pole donut to a 4 magnet, four pole rotor for more torque. Throw in better manufacturing, high quality bearings and a removable end bell and you have the 1406 series of high performance motors from Castle. The end result is a motor that cranks out 30% more torque with all the efficiency and endurance that Castle is known for. These motors are bolt in upgrades for most all 1/10 applications and come in the now-standard ratings of 4,600kv, 5,700kv, 6,900kv and 7,700 kv for easy transition for dealers and customers alike. == Specs ==* Type: Brushless * Overall Diameter: 1.38 in (35mm) * Shaft Diameter: 1/8 in (3.18mm) * Overall Length: 1.9 in (49mm)
Castle Creations
Part CSECMN6900