.46/.61 EDGE 540T ARF

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Using a .46 2-Stroke Glow Engine will provide you with outstanding  flight performance with excellent vertical and plenty of power to perform any IMAC, Pattern and most 3D type maneuvers. Using a .61 to .91 2-Stroke Glow Engine or up to 1.00 4 Stroke Glow Engine will provide power like you have never experienced before with a smaller aerobatic scale model. Enough power to execute all the 3D and IMAC maneuvers like a big gas model, with enough wing area to handle the weight of the larger engine.

This model features a two servo wing, removable hatch cover for easy radio and tank installation and maintenance. Large control surfaces for extreme flight capabilities. Huge wing area and strong, light weight construction for stability and easy control.


  •  Strong Light Weight Construction
  • Professionally Covered in Ultracote™
  • Complete Hardware Package Included
  • Need Two Servo Wing
  • Large Control Surfaces Beveled for Maximum Throw
  • Fiberglass Cowl and Wheel Pants
  • Painted Aluminum Landing Gear


  •  Wing Span 60 Inches
  • Wing Area 693 Square Inches
  • Length 55 Inches
  • Weight 5.5 to 6 Pounds
  • Engine .46 to .61 Glow
  • Radio 6 Channels Minimum

    Recommended Servos:

    • Throttle - Hitec HS-5625MG
    • Aileron - Hitec HS-5645MG (Quantity 2)
    • Elevator - Hitec HS-5645MG
    • Rudder - Hitec HS-5645MG

    Recommended Pilots:

    • Cajun  - 29% Realistic Scale and Realistic Scale Masters

    Ultracote™ Color Codes: 

    • #866 True Red
    • #870 White
    • #874 Black
    • #884 Cub Yellow