40CH RC AIO Goggles Head Video Glass RX

Dhs. 1,525.00

Skyzone FPV Goggles are probably the most innovative FPV gear on the market. 

Still need a monitor+receiver+diversity+patch antenna for a nice FPV experience? You are outdated!!!

These Skyzone Goggles integrate with many features that make it an outstanding FPV ground station.

Skyzone has designed their new FPV goggles from the ground up for FPV, so no compromises were made. The high resolution widescreen matched with a 30 degree field of view puts you in the cockpit, blend that with the state of the art auto centering head-tracker and you have a true immersion like you have never seen.

Dual diversity 5.8GHz receiver too the IPD and Diopter adjustments. The goggles have full A/V in’s and out’s for DVR’s or monitors or heck even watch a movie with them, but with a quick push of a button your view switches to the front built in camera allowing you to perform all kinds of tasks without the need to lift the goggles. The Goggles also feature light tight comfortable eyecups and an earphone jack with volume control.


  •  Built-in 32CH 5.8G Diversity that is compatible with most FPV 5.8G transmitters on the market(Fatshark,DJI,Boscam etc)
  •  Built-in self-calibrating  dual axis head tracking (gyro, inertial and compass)
  •  Built in Dual 854X480(WVGA) Monitors,  1,229,760 color sub-pixels
  •  Built-in external camera for surrounding view (640X480)
  •  AV in/ AV out/ Earphone socket (with volume control)
  •  Adjustable Interpupillary and Diopter for your eyes
  •  Adjustable brightness and contrast
  •  New firmware of V2 version is upgraded, there is no shimmer any more.