Backpack S

Dhs. 855.00 Dhs. 685.00

BACKPACPL1-3Here comes the Backpack, the latest production from Opale BACKPACPL1-8Paramodels. This light and strong system enables you to motorize the pilote in less than a few seconds to extend its range of use, wheter it is to fly a bit longer when the wind gets lighter, to fly around on a flat land or to fly higher up in the sky...


This model is built with special care using the latest technologies and quality raw material to ensure you get a reliable product that will last long in time. This Backpack has been specially designed to welcome and envelop the pilot and to fully protect the harness and all the mechanical and electrical components located inside it.

It's compact size and its brushless motorization (optional) make this Backpack the greatest frien of yours you will ever have thus never missing ant great opportunity to fly around.BACKPACPL1-6



Technical data :

- Lenght : 21 cm

- Widht  : 26 cm

- High : 26 cm

- Weight without electronics : 750 gr

- Max propeller size : 9 inch


Include in the kit :

- Frame

- 3 elastic

- Manual


Requiered equipment for flying :

- Spiral 1.2R / Fox 1.5

- Completed Pilot with servomotors and plastic arms

- 500gr Ballast

- Combo for Backpack

- Batteries 3S 2600 mAh minimum

- 4ch transmitter (+RX) with delta mixer