Castle EDGE HV 80 Brushless ESC

Dhs. 880.00

The new Castle Edge ESC provide New Phoenix Controller AUX Line within more options as                  below:
Gain input-
          Allow the ESC to utilize an additional receiver channel to adjust the governor gain.
 RPM out-
          Toggles the AUX Line for every electrical commutation. Divide this number by your number           of  magnetic pole pairs for mechanical RPM.
 Excessive load detection-
          Prevent damage caused by large current spikes typically caused by too much load or                     possibly a short in the motor wires.
Audible Beacon-
         The controller will emit an audible locator signal from the motor when the AUX LINE is above           50% signal.
The beacon is only emitted if the motor is not running
Log Data Reset Percentage-
The users may select a percentage of the data buffer which all data is erased upon ESC boot up.
This helps to ensure that the most recent flight is logged.
Comprehensive heli feature set, including direct entry governor mode, autorotation with bailout,                   and soft start capabilities to protect your gearing (see the screenshot on the right for more             details).
Opto isolated throttle cable helps reduce radio interference.
Full data logging capabilities. Measure amp draw, controller temperature, motor rpms, battery voltage and ripple and more. Take the mystery out of electric flight.


● Surge current:80Amps
● Supporting motor types:2 poles to 10+poles in/outrunner brushless motors
● Max Supporting input voltage:50v(12s Li-Po/36 cells Nicad/NiMH)
● Size:71X33X22.9mm
● Weight:121g