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The S800 EVO benefits from newly designed motor and ESC configuration which have a built-in centrifugal fan to deliver optimized cooling and heat dissipation; the ESC’s (electronic speed controllers) have a new and more efficient control algorithm and are equipped with an internal heat sink. The ESC’s have an integrated LED design; the bright LED’s improves visibility of the aircraft for easier orientation while in flight.
S800 EVO Key Features:
Diagonal Wheelbase 800mm
Frame Arm Length 350mm
Frame Arm Weight (With Motor, ESC, Propeller) 356g
Centre Frame Diameter 240mm
Centre Frame Weight 550g
Landing Gear Size:
460mm (Length)
425mm (Width) (Top width: 155mm)
320mm (Height)
 Retractable Landing Gear Weight:
1050g (Including Battery Tray)
Stator Size 41×14mm
KV 400rpm/V
Max Power 500W, Weight (with Cooling Fan) 158g
Current 40A OPTO
Voltage 6S LiPo
Signal Frequency 30Hz ~ 450Hz
Drive PWM Frequency 8 KHz
Weight (with Radiators) 35g
 Propeller (Fold-able):
Material Carbon Fiber
Size 15×04 in
Weight 10g
Flight Parameters:
Take-off Weight 6.0Kg ~ 8.0Kg
Total Weight 3.7Kg
Power Battery LiPo (6S 8000mAh~15000 mAh15C Min)
Max Power Consumption 3000W
Hover Power Consumption 800W (@ Take-off Weight 6.7Kg)
Hover Time Max: 20 min ( With15000 mAh & 6.7KgTake-off Weight)
Working Environment Temperature -10 ~ +40 C