E-Station Charger 301DX

Dhs. 395.00
E-Station Charger 301DX

The 301 DX-2 is your all-in-one charging and discharging solution for Lipo, NiCad, NiMH and lead acid batteries. It provides detailed information on your batteries throughout the charging process, including voltage, charge rate, charge time and mAh charged/discharged from the pack.

The 301 DX-2 also makes safety a priority, with a high-temp cutoff, safety timer, and high and low-capacity cut-offs. Charges up to 6 Lipo cells or 15 NiCad/NiMH cells. Max charge rate of 5A.

Combine the 301 DX-2 with any of our balancers (Ultra Balancer, Balance Pro) and our Octopus adapter, and you'll have a balancing and charging for 95% of the lipos on the market

Input Voltage 11V-18V DC
Circuit Power 50 watts max
Number of LiPo Cells 1-6 cells
Number of NiCad/NiMH Cells 1-15 cells
PbBattery Voltage 2-20V
Charge Rate 0.1-5.0 amps