EMAX MT2205 II KV2300 Racing Edition CCW Motor For FPV Multicopter

Dhs. 135.00
Brand                       :          Emax
Model                       :          MT2205
Framework              :          12N14P
KV                           :          2300
No.of cells               :           3-4s
Length                     :           31.7mm
Shaft                        :           3MM
Max.thrust               :           774g
Diameter                  :          27.9mm
Weight                     :          29g
Recommend Propeller:   5''
1. A comprehensively optimized design of magnetic lineation for a complete energy burst.
2. Double anti-loose lock nut, effectively prevents propeller ejection.
3. Strong suction design, dramatically reduces the overall operating temperature of the motor.
4. Low CG, light weight design, longer duration of flight.
5. 0.2 mm laminations stator for maximum efficiency.
6. Original Japan imported bearings.
7. New anti-off U ring, enhances safety and stability.
8. Identifiable Motor rotation direction sign, easy to install.

Package Included:
1 x EMAX MT2205 II Racing Edition KV2300 Motor