F16 70 PNP R/W/B

Dhs. 590.00

The original F16 prototype was developed in the early 1970's to be the primary strike fighter for    the United States Air Force. Freewing brings us this incredibly historic plane in a 70mm EDF with  vectored thrust. The F16 is the perfect EDF jet for learning to fly with vectored thrust. While the    plane can be flown with a 5 channel receiver,we recommend using a 6 channel. This allows you  to turn the thrust vectoring on and off and set dual rates for the channels. This is the best way to  learn to fly a plane like this before graduating to a larger one such as Freewing F18.


  • Scale features including high painted pilot, detailed cockpit, General Dynamics YF-16 
  • 70mm electronic ducted fan (EDF)
  • 360 degree vectored thrust for incredible maneuvers (hover, flat spins, etc.)
  • Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)
  • Brushless motor, ESC and servos installed


  • TYPE - EPS Foam
  • Wingspan - 800mm (31-1/2")
  • Fuselage LengthZ - 1150mm (45-1/4")
  • Flight Weight - 900g (31.7 oz.)
  • Wing Loading
  • Motor Size - 2839-2800KV out runner motor
  • Prop Size - 70mm EDF Fans
  • Recommended Battery - 4S 14.8V 2200mAh 20C Li-poly Battery
  • ESC - 45A ESC
  • Alieron - Yes
  • Elevator - Yes
  • Rudder - No
  • Throttle - Yes
  • Flaps - No
  • Retracts - Metal scale electric retract landing gear
  • Servos - 9g servo (10s)
  • Vector - YES