F18 V2 PNP

Dhs. 1,300.00 Dhs. 1,100.00
  • Large scale electronic ducted fan RC jet (measuring over 55" in length) with numerous scale features including hand painted pilot, detailed cockpit, molded panel lines, scale air intakes, drop tanks, missiles, and VFA-31 graphics.
  • Dual 360 degree vectored thrust allows advanced maneuvers like hovering, flip turns, and flat spins
  • 12 Blade factory balanced EDF with metal housing combined with 3748-1450KV brushless outrunner motor produces realistic jet turbine sound and an incredible 7 lbs of thrust
  • Composite fan blades combined with metal EDF housing make the F-18 V2 AMA compliant (the fan blades themselves are NOT metal, so there are no flying restrictions)
  • High capacity 130 Amp Hobbywing ESC with 8A UBEC
  • Full functioning flaps allow decreased take-off distances and help slow the plane during landings
  • New mechanical wing attachments provide a stronger airframe and aid in transportation of the F-18 V2
  • Flight surfaces and vectored thrust nozzles are all controlled with 9g metal gear servos for precise movement, strength and long life
  • Bright LED navigation lights for enhanced realism and dawn/dusk maneuvers
  • Electronic retractable landing gear with all metal shock-absorbing struts and metal trunnions
  • Scale, sequenced gear doors provide added realism and improved aerodynamics
  • Drop tanks and missiles attach to the wings with rare earth magnets making them easy to -remove before high speed flight
  • Upgraded pushrod clevis and metal ball head connectors on elevators provide a robust connection between servo and control surface and eliminate "play"
  • Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)
  • Brushless outrunner motor, servos, ESC and 12 blade EDF come pre-installed for your convenience
  • TYPE - EPS Foam
  • Wingspan - 950mm (37-3/8")
  • Fuselage Length - 1320mm (52")
  • Flight Weight - 2100g (74 oz.)
  • Wing Loading ---
  • Motor Size - 3553-1350KV out runner motor (1pcs)
  • Prop Size - 90mm EDF Fans (1pcs)
  • Recommended Battery - 6S 22.2V 3700mAh 25C Li-poly Battery
  • ESC - 85A ESC (1pcs)
  • Alieron - Yes
  • Elevator - Yes
  • Rudder - No
  • Throttle - Yes
  • Flaps - No
  • Retracts - Metal scale electric retract landing gear
  • Servos - 9g servo (9pcs)
  • Vector - YES (360o thrust vector)