FPV Drones P220

Dhs. 1,830.00 Dhs. 1,465.00


  • The world's first forward stand frame, pull and thrust combination
  • power output mode, let you lead at the starting point, win at the end!
  • UEE—Unique, Exclusive, Exclusive
  • Unique—Unique U-type independent arm, forward tilt frame design,
  • pull and thrust combined power output mode.
  • Exclusive—Exclusive takeoff mode, flying posture and control mode.
  • Exclusive—Designed for racing.
  • BOLT original front pull, rear thrust combined power output system,
  • like a super sports car with full-time 4WD system, strong power output,
  • strong traction, excellent accelerated performance and easy control
  • Forward-tilt frame design, forward lean idling mode, extremely fast to take off.
  •  U-type arm design, effectively reduce the air resistance;
  • independent arm structure, can be replaced separately, easy to repair.
  •  Front and rear motor installed in reverse, the aircraft‘s center of gravity
  • and the arm are in the same horizontal plane which make flying more flexible and stable.