DJI 2.4GHz BluetoothDatalink

Dhs. 1,380.00
  • The DJI 2.4GHz Datalink is designed for use with the DJI Ground Station iPad app or PC programme. It provides a connection between the Ground system and the Air system using DJI bidirectional data communication modules, allowing users to fly along pre-set waypoints.
    • 1. Friendly interface design;
    • 2. Joystick control on touch screen;
    • 3. Single waypoint function, click desired point and go;
    • 4. Waypoints function, edit a routine and go;
    • 5. Flight route template;
    • 6. Editable Home point & auto Go Home supported;
    • 7. One key takeoff & landing;
    • 8. Flight simulator supported;
    • 9. Customized joystick mode supported;
    • 10. Accurate flight time monitoring;
    • 11. Three map orientations setting;
    • 12. Voice guidance function;
    • 13. Real-time alarming function;
    • 14. Routes saving and reloading supported;
    • 15. Chinese and English UI supported;
    • 16. Cloud Storage supported;


    Flight control systems supported:

    2.4G Bluetooth Datalink: ACE ONE, WKM, NAZA-M, NAZA-M V2, Phantom 2;

    iPad Ground Station: WKM, NAZA-M, NAZA-M V2, Phantom 2;


    • All the firmware of the flight control systems should be upgraded to the latest version.
    • The firmware of NAZA-M and NAZA-M V2 should be upgraded to version 4.00, which is coming soon.