Katana V2 40

Dhs. 595.00 Dhs. 295.00


  • All new ARF katana profile rc airplane.  
  • Two piece bolt on wing joined with a large alum. wing tube. 
  • Heavy duty landing gear that pins through the fuselage and couples togather with collars to minimize or ellimate twisting.
  • Servo wires are hidden inside fuselage to make a cleaner design. 
  • Pocketts in lower sige of wings to place receiver and battery. 
  • Light weight weight all balsa and ply construction. 
  • Pre-covered in high quality polyester heat shrink covering. 
  • Large wing area for extra lift. Decals are pre-installed.
  • Bright Yellow on top and bright blue covering on bottom to give you the best visibality and contrast.


  • Wing span..........48 in.
  • Length.............47 in.
  • Wing area...........718 sq. in.
  • Flying wt. approx. 4.25/4.5 lb.
  • Engine (not included)...2C .46-.52 cu. in. or 4C .60 - 75
  • Radio (not included) 4 channel with 5 servos.