Kit Funjet Ultra

Dhs. 2,055.00
Even the "normal" FunJet from MULTIPLEX is one of the fastest in its class. For the absolute speed fans, we have now created an even hotter jet:
The new FunJet ULTRA. The adrenaline junkies make the heart beat faster.
It provides the ultimate speed noise and provides the best flight precision in daring aerobatic maneuvers. New foam technology and a CFRP beam give the FunJet ULTRA the required structural strength. In addition, the new, more powerful drive - that brings ULTRA-Fun: "out of the box" over 200 km / h and a flight like on rails.
The advantages:
  • Easy to start from the hand!
  • Accurate and direct taxation
  • Speeds> 200 km / h are possible
  • Quiet, uncritical flight behavior even at extreme speeds
  • Control via two axes (transverse, height) plus motor
  • Relatively low surface load - therefore good-natured in the slow flight and easy to land.
  • Exact lintel adjustment or fine adjustment after engine mounting via the motor frame
  • Stylish design
  • Robust - forgives even harder landings
  • Suitable for trunk.


  • Model characteristics: Jet models
  • Material: Elapor
  • Level: 4 Expert
  • Wingspan in mm: 783
  • RC functions: HR / QR / motor option SR
  • Electric weight in grams: 875
  • Total surface area load per gdm: 60
  • Total area in qdm: 14.5

Types of cells / cells: 3S LiPo