LOGO700 XXtreme Combo

Dhs. 10,635.00

LOGO 700 XXtreme Combo

LOGO 700 XXtreme is a full-bl ooded competition machine for 3D flight. Mikado team pilot Kyle Dahl made first place at first go at the 3D Masters Competition, the world’s most important 3D competition in 2012. The chassis of LOGO 700 XXtreme is absolutely robust to match engine and battery power required for today’s high demands during extreme flight manoeuvers.- 700-750mm main blades- 12 S Lipo with 5000mAh- Alu-rotor head with hollow 10mm spindle shaft and extra large thrust bearings (Ø20mm)- Carbon main frame design- Hollow main shaft with 14mm diameter- Herringbone main gear with 175 teeth (module 1)- Robust torque tube with extra -large bevel pinions- 6mm tail rotor shaft- Extra-large 25mm diameter tail boom- Detailed airbrush canopy


Specifications Helicopter

Rotor diameter 1,61m
Rotor blades 713mm EDGE, 710mm Rotortech
RTF weight ca. 5,5kg
recommended batterie 2 * 6S LiPo 5000
Main gear ratio 9,21 - 10,29 (Pinion 17-19 teeth)
Tail gear ratio 1:5
Main Gear size 175 teeth Modul 1
Length 1420mm
Hight 440mm
Width 210mm

Kit Content

Kit Kit with pre-assembled components
Manual detailed printed manual
Motors Scorpion HK 4525-520 Ultimate XXtreme edition
Motor pinion 17 teeth / Ø8mm Modul 1
ESC YGE 160 HV XXtreme edition with VStabi Governor without heatsink
Servos ---
VBar electronic VBar 5.3 Silverline Pro Edition
Blades 713mm EDGE
Tail Blades 105mm EDGE
Canopy Airbrushed Canopy