Metal Shapely Reinforcement Plate And Brace

Dhs. 105.00
Instruction: Specification:
●Suitable for T-REX 700E/800E.
●Brand new CNC metal reinforcement plate and brace effectively increase the torsion stength of main frame, under extreme 3D maneuver, you can strongly feel its solid reinforcement from its structure. Its attractive machined aluminum electroplate red, is particular arranged in groups of 850MX motor, subtly bring up the helicopter stylish and metal beauty!
●Shapely Reinforcement Plate x 1
●Shapely Reinforcement Brace (R) x 1
●Shapely Reinforcement Brace (L) x 1
●Collar Screw x 2(M3x4.5)
●Collar Screw x 4(M3x6.5)
●M3 Locking nut x 4
●Socket Collar Screw x 2(M3x6)
●Socket Collar Screw x 8(M3x8)