Blade MH-35 Heli RTF

Dhs. 570.00

Key Features

  • New Simplifly control option makes flying easier
  • Built in Battle Module sends and receives infrared signals
  • ID System for team play
  • Specially designed 5-channel Battle transmitter
  • Adjustable firing range evens the odds for newbies and vets

Needed To Complete

Nothing more needed, everything is included in the box.

Video Overview


The Force helicopter battling system is designed to give you an out of the box air-to-air battling experience. The Force MH-35 is an ultra-lightweight, battle-hardened heli perfect for out-maneuvering opponents in tight quarters. Its self-stabilizing characteristics and mil-spec gyro stabilization system keep you rock steady and in complete control, even if you’re a Force rookie. Using our built-in battle module to send and receive infra-red signals that are range adjustable, you get to shoot down your opponent in mid-flight.

Game play, using a newly designed 5 channel custom transmitter, will focus on the themes in either one v one, or team play mode, like dog fights, target practice, and heli v ground. While in battle, the helis will react to being shot by spinning in place, through a system called VDAS, and eventually being grounded by safely powering down.


  • Completion Level: Ready-to-Fly
  • Rotor Type: Coaxial
  • Size/Scale: Ultra Micro