Dhs. 265.00

The Kit is very complete since you will find in the box:

  • 2 x wing half of EPP, hot wired cutted, and painted
  • 2 EPP parts to close the spar
  • 2 EPP winglets
  • 2 x wing spars (8/5 x 495 mm tube) (fiber glass tubes)
  • Hot wired cutted fuselage, painted, radio equipment space milled, root rib in wood glued.
  • Several half round section EPP parts to finalise the fuselage.
  • The Tailplane, in one piece with hinge already milled
  • Fin and rudder, in one piece with hinge already milled
  • 2 fuselage reinforcing carbon rods (1.5 mm diameter)
  • 2 horizontal tail carbon stiffener (1mm diameter)
  • 2 control linkage (rudder, elevator) + 2 bowden (rudder, elevator)
  • A small pocket with all the small parts needed to achieve the building
  • Building instruction, without text, but with plenty of very explicit and self explained drawings.

What is missing is the radio equipment and the glue to build the Multifun: I used cyanoacrylate and a " Goop " equivalent called "résiste à tout".