Multiplex RR DogFighter SR- green

Dhs. 1,405.00

The DogFighter SR is the ideal model for club racing, dogfights or formation flights with club colleagues. It boasts an enormously wide speed range, but always remains safe and pleasant to fly. The SR is supplied factory-built, painted, with decals applied. With the attractive green Racing decals the model stands out from the mass of models, and is an eye-catcher even on the ground

Set contents RR DogFighter SR:

ELAPOR® model, 95% factory-built, including HIMAX C3516-1130 motor, MULTIcont BL-40 S-BEC speed controller, 10 x 7" propeller, 3 x Nano-S servo, decals applied, comprehensive instructions

  • Spectacular top speed
  • Very neutral flying characteristics, accurate response to control commands for precise aerobatics
  • Factory-painted, decals applied
  • Detachable wing for ease of transport
  • Convenient battery swap through the canopy
  • High-performance BL motor, speed controller, elevator and aileron servos already installed
  • Extremely accurate adjustment of downthrust and sidethrust
  • Rudder function can be retro-fitted in just a few minutes; all parts (apart from servo) included
  • Highly pre-fabricated: install the tailplane and receiver, go fly


  • Wingspan -  882 mm
  • Overall length -  812 mm
  • All-up weight -  approx. 850 g
  • Wing area -  19 dm²
  • Wing loading -  45 g/dm²
  • Control channels -  3
  • RC functions -  Aileron, elevator, throttle, optional rudder
  • RR building time - approx. 15 min.
  • Flight time -  approx. 5 min.