Oxy 1.5

Dhs. 1,720.00 Dhs. 1,375.00



OXY15 1Inheriting singleskin technology developed on Oxy 0.5, this 1.5sqm version widens the
field of application of the wing. low load, it proves ideal for flying without wind. A
larger load, it offers greater speed and can fly with a stronger weather.
Combined with Backpack S or M, takeoff is instantaneous without any difficulty.
It is not necessary to start the backpack ahead, the wing will lift it immediately.
With a pilot under its risers, Oxy 1.5 is ideal to approach the first flights to the
slope in light to moderate conditions.

OXY15 3



Technical data:
- flat area: 1.5sqm
- flat wingspan: 2.74mtr
- Aspect ratio: 5
- Cells: 23
- Weight: 140gr


- Backpack S / M
- Pilots: Willy / Max
- Weight range: 0.8 to 2.7kg