OXY3-001 - Oxy 3 Helicopter Kit

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Oxy 3 is the first helicopter in the Oxy Helicopter range. It is a 250 mm blade electric heli, with belt driven tail rotor, suitable for all micro servos. It is designed to handle high rpms (up to 4500), and in the future can grow with a stretch kit up to 280mm blades. Special upgrades will be available to run 3 or 4 blade heads, and a full fuselage to satisfy the requirements of all users

Main features

Heli designed for intense 3D performance:

  • - Ultra rigid frame
  • - Triple main shaft supports
  • - Quality injection molded plastics
  • - Lightweight, high visibility and high-end airbrush canopy from Canomod
  • - Autorotation integrated into main gear hub
Main rotor
  • - Semi rigid DFC head for precise performance
  • - Thrust bearings in main and tail grips
  • - Oversize hardened spindle
  • - Ball raced 120° CCPM serviceable swash plate
  • - Swashplate linkages optimized geometry
Tail system
  • - Belt drive tail (low parts count and low crash cost)
  • - Innovative delta box tail boom with no requirement for boom supports
  • - Tail optimized to minimize vibration and servo load at high tail speed
  • - CNC tail pulley with pretension pulley system
  • - Rigid carbon fiber 3mm diameter tail push rod for the increased tail control
Electronics & Power system
  • Battery tray fits a variety of battery packs 3s -4s (1300 to 1600 mAh) , 6s (800 to 950 mAh) – max length 75mm
  • ESC support suitable for 25 – 40A ESC and more
  • Kit Motor: EOX 2214 – Black Edition – 4100KV – 3.17mm Shaft – suitable for 3s and 4s battery packs
  • Hardened Steel Pinion included in the kit: 11T suitable for 4s – 4100 kV motors and 14T suitable for 3s – 4100 kV motors(optional pinions: 12-13-15)
  • Suitable for most micro cyclic and tail servos
  • Smart and clean electronic wiring set up


  • Length: 530mm Height: 175mm Width: 80mm
  • Main rotor blade length: 255mm
  • Tail blade length: 47mm and 50mm in std kit for diferent tail autority need (suggested 47mm for Hard 3D Set-Up)
  • Slant main gear: 140T 0.5 Mod
  • Wide head speed range: 3000 for sport flying a to 4500 for insane 3D
  • Tail gear ratio 4.214 (14T pulley) for 3800 – 4500rpm
  • Approximate RTF weight: 580g with 3s 1300mAh battery– suitable for 3.5 minutes of intense 3D at 4000rpm


  • 1 x Oxy3 Kit
  • 1 x Oxy3 Canopy
  • 1 x ZEAL CF Main Blade 255mm
  • 1 x Plastic Tail Blade 47mm, set
1 x Plastic Tail Blade 50mm, set