Paramotor Kit ARTF Backpack L / Spiral 3.2

Dhs. 5,745.00 Dhs. 4,595.00



This 4mtr wingspan / 3.2sqm model will offer you the best scale aspect.

With a Lucas Pilot and a Spiral 3.2 (included), this kit will give you a feeling you never had before. Due to its large scale, the way of piloting is the same like a real paramotor.
It's perfect for a beginner who want to play large scale with no wind and high wind conditions.
As our standard, all the parts are made only with high quality materials and designed for a strong uses.

Included in this kit:
- Spiral 3.2 (4mtr wingspan)
- Backpack L
- Motor Brushless Kit Backpack L

For using the kit, you need the following items:
- 6S 3700mAh lipo battery minimum
- 2S Lipo 800mAh battery for the receiver ( or External BEC)
- 4ch Remote control
- Lipo Charger