Paramotor Kit ARTF Backpack XS / OXY 1.0

Dhs. 2,410.00 Dhs. 1,925.00



A complete kit that will offer you the largest way of uses. Trough our Singleskin technology, the Oxy 1.0 kit will allow you to fly in both indoor and outdoor.
The R&D team is leading the singleskin technology since 2012 by creating the Oxy 0.5 and her big fullsize sister with 21sqm. His extensive experience has helped to develop the new model with flight characteristics which are really surprising.
Its singleskin technology (without lowerskin), give a very easy inflate with no wind. Only few walk is necessary to inflate, without any effort due to his lightweight (only 95gr). That's give this wing totaly perfect for beginners and indoor flights.

OXY10 2OXY10 5

     Easy inflate without wind                                                    Extrem acro tricks

Outdoor, the Oxy 1.0 gives a secure feeling and tolerant. She forgives many pilot error and is very solid in turbulent conditions, eitherin flight or slope paramotor.
Highly motorized, it can perform acrobatic tricks so far very difficult to perform with a traditional wing.The loops,mactwist, fullstallbecome easy for everybody.

A new profil dedicaced for singleskin uses has been developed, giving a better stability and penetration in the turbulences. An highest solidity and a perfect skin tension without flouders of the leading edge give optimal results and reduice drag.

OXY10 7

Particular attention was paid to the construction of the wing. As usual, the realization is made to the millimeter. Reinforcements were carefully integrated allowing Oxy to resist all external attacks.

Included in the kit:
- Oxy 1.0
- Backpack XS Frame with Servos
- Motor Kit 220W

Required elements (non included):
- Transmitter 4ch with delta mixer
- Battery 3S 2600 mAh