Dhs. 670.00

This 120A-HV-OPTO ESC is a High Voltage version, takes from 5 cells to 12 cells Li-Po, maximum 44.4V. It does not have a built in BEC, you need to have an external BEC or an individual battery pack to power the receivers and servos. And an individual battery pack is needed to power the program card when setting the programmable values of the ESC, please refer to the inculded manual 

  • High performance microprocessor brings out the best compatibility with all kinds of motors and the highest driving efficiency
  • Max motor speed : 21000RPM (2 poles), 70000 RPM (6 poles), 35000 RPM (12 poles)
  • 3 start modes : Normal / Soft / Very Soft, for Fixed Wing Aircraft or Helicopter
  • Adjustable throttle rangea
  • Smooth, linear, quick and percise throttle respond
  • Separate voltage regulator IC to minimize anti-jamming
  • Multi protection : Low-voltage cut-off protection / over-heat protection / throttle signal loss protection
  • With Governor Mode for helicopter
  • USB supported. The firmware of the ESC can be updated by the USB adapter
  • Setup values with the Program Card (optional)
  • Optical Signal Transmission 
  • Con. Current : 120A 
  • Burst Current : 180A
  • BEC Mode : No BEC
  • Programmable : Yes
  • Dimension (mm) 125g
  • Battery cell : Li-PO : 5-12 cell / NiMH : 15-36