Dhs. 1,995.00


  • High performance microprocessor with a running frequency of up to 120MHz for excellent motor speed-governing and super soft startup.
  • Microprocessor powered by independent DC regulator has better anti-interference performance, which greatly reduces the risk of losing control.
  • The maximum motor speed can reach 210000RPM (for 2 pole motor), 70000 RPM (for 6 pole motor) and 35000 RPM (for 12 pole motor).
  • Multiple flight modes: Fixed-wing, Heli (Linear Throttle Response), Heli (Elf Governor), and Heli (Store Governor).
  • Data logging records the standardized RPM, minimum voltage, maximum current and maximum temperature of the flight.
  • “Restart in auto rotation” can manually interrupt the auto rotation and quickly restart the motor to avoid crashes caused by incorrect operations.
  • WIFI module (sold separately) for programming the ESC wirelessly with your smart phone (Ios or Android).
  • Internal anti-spark circuitry effectively eliminates electric sparks produced when the ESC is powered on.
  • Independent output port for RPM (that is: motor speed) signals.
  • Separate programming port for ESC programming or parameter setting.
  • Multiple protections like thermal shutdown protection, overload protection, over-current protection, etc.
  • BEC is separated from other circuits of the ESC, it will keep its normal output when the MOSFET board of the ESC is burnt down.
  • Online firmware upgrade via HOBBYWING multifunction LCD program box or WiFi module.


  • Model : Hobbywing Platinum 160A HV V4
  • Main application : 700-800 class Helicopters
  • Input voltage : 6S-14S LiPo
  • Con. Current : 160A
  • Peck Current (10s) : 200A
  • BEC Voltage : 5-8V (Step: 0.1V)
  • BEC Con. Current : 10A
  • BEC peck current : 25A
  • Programming/Cooling fan port: For connecting the LCD program box/WiFi module or cooling fan
  • Throttle signal/RPM signal transmission: Via optical coupler
  • Input wires : 10AWG
  • Output wires : 10AWG
  • Weight : 305g (with input and output wires soldered to ESC)
  • Size : 106x50x40mm