Rave 90 ENV-Electric Flybared

Dhs. 3,240.00

Quick Overview

New flybarless Rave 450 kit designed by Curtis Youngblood and Next D Designs (A division of CJ Youngblood Enterprises). This helicopter features an all metal flybarless head, high quality parts, carbon fiber u-frame design, tube driven tail and can run either 325mm or 350mm main blades in its stock form.

Special Features:

  • Flybarless head
  • Pre-painted fiberglass canopy
  • Simple carbon fiber U-frame design combines extreme rigidity with low parts count
  • Carbon TT tail drive provides wickedly fast and accurate tail control and very low drive drag
  • Tail servo mounts to frame
  • Two pinion gears are included (11T, 13T)
  • Machined aluminum head with fully shanked blade bolts to withstand extreme 3D 


  • Length: 692mm
  • Height: 254mm
  • Main blade length: 325-350mm
  • Main rotor diameter: 711-762mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 152mm
  • Motor drive gear: 11T/13T
  • Main drive gear: 150T
  • Drive gear ratio: 1:13.63:4.63/1:13.53:4.63
  • Flying weight: 930g