Rave 90 ENV,Flybared Nitro

Dhs. 3,230.00

Rave 90 ENV Nitro Features:

* Simple and easy-to-build design
* All-metal rotor head
* Light weight design for ultimate 3D performance
* Rigid frame design for precision flying
* Multi-position control options for extreme or precision flying
* +/- 14 degree collective ability for extreme 3D
* Dual support clutch design for longevity and durability
* Clutch is a modular design for easy removal from top or bottom
* Multi-use frame stiffeners to fine-tune preferred setup
* Fuel tank capacity:  660cc
* Heavy duty tail system
* Smooth torque tube tail drive for high end 3D or FAI performance.
* Versatile frame design for easy conversion from Nitro to Electric
* Versatile overall design for easy conversion to and from flybarless
* Large, high-efficiency cooling fan system
* Removable fan shroud baffle to optimize for different engines
* Large Mod1 main gear
* Large Mod1 pinion
* Tail boom pinned in both ends for positioning and safety
* Ready to fly weight is 4.3kg
* New control surface pinning feature for easy pushrod setup

Rave 90 ENV Nitro Specifications:

* Length: 1340mm
* Height: 474mm
* Main Blade Length:  690-710mm
* Main Rotor Diameter: 1531-1571mm
* Tail Rotor Diameter: 294.5 mm
* Engine Pinion Gear: 16T
* Main gear: 130 tooth Mod1
* Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 118T Mod1
* Drive Gear Ratio: 8.125:1:4.54(E:M:T)
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 660CC

Included in Kit:
Rave ENV Nitro kit: Carbon Fiber
Painted Fiberglass Canopy
3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
Aluminum Tail Boom
Carbon Tail Gear Box Plates
FAI-Style Smooth Paddles (plastic)
Fuel Tubing
Fuel clip: 5mm
Fuel clip: 6mm
Switch Mount
Satellite Receiver Mount
Boom Support Bridge
Velcro Straps
Fan Shroud Baffle (fits varied engine heights)