Rescue Kit for DJI S1000

Dhs. 3,445.00 Dhs. 2,755.00



You may probably already got some electronics or mechanical problems during a flight? And destroy your machine?

In order to secure your multicoper, Opale Paramodels has developped a new ejection system for parachute specialy designed for the DJI S1000.

Reliable and easy to use, this system directly adaptable is essential to protect your machine and your flight environment. It is controlled by a servomotor (directly plug on your receiver). Then you can choose to open the parachute directly from a switch of your transmitter or by the failsafe of the receiver.
Re usable immediatly after use (don't need tools or spare parts to reuse), this system is without fireworks, and reduice the risk of onboard fire.
Its place under the frame is specialy designed in order to offer the best reliability in every fail situations. Unlike a ejection tube or spring solution which is not secure when the drone is falling on the back.

As soon the servo opens the system, the parachute is immediatly deployed (arround 1s). The height of deployment is very short.
OP17504 Parachute drone DJIS900

Placed directly under the frame , this reliable system pull out backward the parachute in order to not eject it into the propellers.

You can secure your multicopter till 8kg
Perfect for DGAC Certifications / Regulations

Compatible with ZenMuse brushless gimbal

Complete System weight: 0,5 kg
Sink Rate: 3,5m/s for 5kg - 4,4m/s for 8kg

Included in the kit:
- Plates set
- Hardware
- Straps
- 6sqm Rescue
- Pod L
- Servomotor