Rescue Kit for Sky Hero 5kg

Dhs. 1,770.00 Dhs. 1,415.00

Drone Parachute Skyhero

You may probably already got some electronics or mechanical problems during a flight? And destroy your machine?

In order to secure your multicoper, Opale Paramodels has developped a new ejection system for parachute specialy designed for the Sky-Hero Spyder and Spy.

Reliable and easy to use, this ejection system is controlled by a servomotor (directly plug on your receiver). Then you can choose to open the parachute directly from a switch of your transmitter or by the failsafe of the receiver.
Re usable immediatly after use, this system is without fireworks, and reduice the risk of onboard fire.
As soon the servo open the system, the parachute is immediatly deployed (arround 1s). The height of deployment is very short.


Placed under the frame directly on the Inertic mount, this reliable system pull out backward the parachute in order to not eject it into the propellers.

You can secure your multicopter till 5kg

System weight: 200gr

Kit contents:
- Composite frame
- Straps for fixing the parachute
- Pod S
- Parachute 4.0 sqm
- servomotor