RR Funcub XL

Dhs. 2,370.00

Better than fun - giant fun!

The FunCub XL from MULTIPLEX has been developed as a large multi-function horseshoe aircraft flying funnel. The XL has unbelievable short-start and country characteristics, and its large, soft tundra tires can be used anywhere in almost any terrain. The kit will inspire you with its high degree of pre-production. For operation, you need a remote control with 7 channels, a suitable receiver, six HiTEC HS-225 BB servos, the MULTIPLEX "FunCub XL" drive set and two 3S LiPos with 3200 mAh. The ELAPOR® model has many beautiful details, such as the very elegant LED covers, for the optional lighting with the POWER MULTIlight (# 7 3030) - a real eye-catcher, a standard tow coupling, the large discharge chute for a more suitable one Parachute Jumpers (# 852004) is available. If you want to use all additional functions, you should have a remote control with at least 10 channels. Of course, a decent float set (# 733098) is also available in FunCub XL format.
The FunCub XL flies extremely precise and adult! We have missed their large rudder flaps, neat power and very well-balanced flying characteristics, so that even vertical climbing flights, aerobatics with knife flights, and even Torquerollen are possible! With extravagant design solutions, the FunCub XL stands out and sets new standards in its class. M-Frame technology, stable and light carbon fiber (CFK) in the wings, offset landing flaps and a very simple and fast upgrading of the model - thanks to quick-release straps.


  • High pre-production kit
  • Pre-cut decorative bow
  • An incredibly large fun factor with many additional functions
  • extremely precise and adult flight behavior
  • Offset landscapers for steep descents and short starts
  • Offroad features through huge, soft wheels
  • High-strength hull with "M-Frame technology"
  • Strong and light carbon carbon (CFK) in the wings
  • Low minimum speed
  • Suitable for hauling sailors (for example HERON size)
  • Shared surfaces, thus transport-friendly
  • Powerful drive set (# 33 2610) available

ELAPOR® model 95% prefabricated, including drive motor Permax BL-O 4235-0480,
Regulator MULTIcont BL-60 SD, air screw 15x8 ", 6 servos Hitec HS-225BB, applied
Decor and detailed instructions.


  • Material: Elapor
  • Level: 3 Advanced
  • Wingspan in mm: 1700
  • RC functions: SR / HR / QR / Motor / Option Landing flaps and tow coupling
  • Electric weight in grams: 2850
  • Flight time in minutes: 6
  • Total surface load per gdm: 56
  • Total surface area in qdm: 50
  • Types of batteries / cells: 6S LiPo
  • Construction time in min .: 25