RR Merlin With BL Motor And Lipo Battery

Dhs. 650.00
Merlin - The little magician
The name “Merlin” can apply equally well to the famed magician or the small falcon, and both descriptions are valid for our little racer.
Finally we can offer a mini-format model with a full-size performance. It’s an all-in solution with many clever detail features, but above all its compact design means that it can accompany you wherever you go.
Our Merlin is agile and nimble, while its small size makes it terrific fun to fly even at small slopes. With its low weight and robust ELAPOR® construction the risk of airframe damage is low, but despite this the model can cope remarkably well in windy conditions - this is where the “falcon” aspect of its nature comes into its own.
When flying aerobatics “Merlin the Magician” comes to the fore: the powered version in particular is capable of the wildest aerobatic manoeuvres you can imagine. When the model is complete, it can be transported conveniently in the retail packaging. The aeroplane features a practical hatch in the underside through which the battery can be changed quickly and conveniently.

The plus points:

  • Simple and quick to assemble - in the air very quickly
  • The model can be completely dismantled for transport
  • Packed size only 11 x 18 x 61 cm
  • Can be built as a glider or in an electric version (with power set # 33 2653)
  • Docile flying characteristics
  • Raised ailerons as landing aid
  • High-quality plastic components
  • Major parts moulded in ultra-durable ELAPOR® foam
  • Carefully matched power system (not included) gives great agility; optional increased performance by changing propellers (both sizes included in the power set))

Kit contents:

  • Moulded ELAPOR® parts, small items, CFRP spars,
  • decal sheet, illustrated instructions
Recommended equipment:
  • 4 x Nano-S servos # 6 5120
  • 1 x RX-6 SYNTH light receiver 35 MHz # 5 5876 or
  • 1 x RX-5 receiver 35 MHz # 5 5923
  • For the electric version
  • “Merlin (TUNING)” power set (see page 29) # 33 2653
  • 1 x Li-Batt BX 3/1-450 mAh # 15 7104 For the glider version
  • 1 x Switch harness # 8 5045
  • 1 x Receiver battery e.g. 4 AAA cells, NiXX (from any model shop)


  • Wingspan 783 mm
  • Overall length 598 mm
  • All-up weight glider / electric approx. 240 / 290 g
  • Total surface area 11.3 dm²
  • Wing loading 21,2 / 25.7 g/dm²
  • RC functions Elevator, rudder, ailerons (2 servos),
  • throttle, Landing aid: raised ailerons