S30-WB SU-29 30E -(OR)(A067) Blue

Dhs. 745.00 Dhs. 500.00

The Sukhoi 29S 30E ARF was designed by Italy aerobatic pilot, Sebastiano Silvestri and the design is based on of his Tournament Of Champion’s competition airplane.This professional ARF kit is the result of Sebastiano’s long research in 3D performance. This combined with an extremely lightweight structure, the all wood airframe, the big control surfaces and the new revolutionary landing gear Lift Generator give the Sukhoi 29S 30E an impressive thrust-to-weight ratio and crisp control authority at any airspeed and flight condition….That for this small class of airplane is revolutionary!

The Sukhoi 29S 30E can do it all…unbelievable easy harriers, torque rolls, blenders, waterfalls and almost anything else you can dream up are waiting you! .....the only aerobatic limit is your fantasy!


  • Wing Span 51,18 in
  • Lenght 51,18 in
  • Weight 44 oz
  • Red/Blue version
  • Red/Blue version 
  • Engine: Hacker A30-10XL