Dhs. 775.00 Dhs. 460.00

Followed by the hugely popular depron version of the Sbach this Tech One SBach 342 is made with EPP foam and is near unbreakable. The EPP foam is flexible and easy for maintenance. Motor mount uses 5mm plywood and metal nuts, and has two extra piece of plywood for reinforcement to ensure the motor mount will be fixed on the fuselage. The paint scheme of the plane is just like its real life counterpart. The 1100mm wingspan helps provide stability and makes the plane handle great in the wind.? The plane features removable wings for easy transportation and storage.? Pre-reserved slots on the fuselage for battery, ESC and receiver, makes it very convenient for installation and balancing the plane.

Product Specifications:

  • Wingspan: 1100mm (43.3in.)
  • Overall Length: 1190mm (46.9in.)
  • Flying Weight: 870-910g (with battery)
  • Prop Size: 1155-1260
  • Motor Size: AS2814 KV 1000
  • Speed Control: 40 Amp
  • Servo: 17-20g micro servo*4pcs
  • Recommended Battery: 11.1V 1800-2200mAh Li-po 20-25C.