Spedix Power Distribution Board 5V 12V

Dhs. 45.00
The board has 6 set 2mm bullet connectors to power up 6 motors, and step down regulator to provide 5V DC and 12V DC power for receiver, flight contorller, and FPV equipments.
The 5V output cable is soldered to the board. There are two options to select the 12V power source by connect to different pins on the board. The manufacturer suggests to use +12V and -12V pins next to the main power cable for 4S LiPo batteries, and BAT - and BAT+ pins next to 5V output cable for 3S LiPo packs.


  • Brand Name            :     Spedix
  • Item Name               :    Power Distribution Board
  • Input                         :    3-4S LiPo
  • Output                      :    5V@3A and 12V@3A
  • Dimensions              :    50x50x5.5mm
  • Weight                      :    22.5g(exclude aluminumplate)
  • Suitable for               :    250-300 size multirotors, Such As S250Q,S250H,etc.

Package included:

  • 1x Power distribution board
  • 1x JR style servo cable