T-Motor ESC Air 20A 3-4s

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Product description

  • Model: AIR 20A
  • Max. Continuous Current: 20A
  • Peak Current (10 secs.): 30A
  • BEC: not available
  • LiPo: 3-4S
  • Programmable Timing: High/Intermediate
  • Weight: 14 g Size (L x W x H): 52.4 x 21.5 x 7.0 [mm]



  • Special core program for multirotor controllers with improved throttle response
  • Optimized software for excellent compatibility with disc (pancake / flat) type motors.
  • All settings except the timing are preset, making usage simple.
  • The twisted-pair design of throttle signal wires effectively reduces the crosstalk produced in  signal transmission and makes flight more stable and safer.
  • Compatible with various flight control systems and supports signal frequency of up to 621Hz.
  • Used with T-MOTOR products gives better overall usage results.