T-REX 550 PRO DFC Super Combo

Dhs. 4,615.00

Features of the Trex 550E PRO DFC :

Brand new T-Rex 550E PRO DFC incorporates all new design elements, focusing specifically on upgrading the power with a 700 class motor, the 730MX (850KV). With a size that fall in-between large and small models, this brand new T-REX 550E PRO DFC features stability and agility, with superior power output that will guaranteed jaw dropping performance. 

T-REX 550E PRO DFC is equipped with latest designs such as: DFC main rotor system, new 112T CNC helical main gear, new style tail drive assembly, new style tail control system, etc. The most talked about feature is the newly developed 730MX (850KV) motor, a motor normally found in 700 class helicopter but over spec for 550 class. Enthusiasts can clearly feel the dramatic increase in power and torque, while taking advantage of its higher efficiency, lower current and temperature benefits. In addition, the newly designed 2mm thick 3K carbon side plates not only enables the installation of wider 730MX (850kv) motor, they also simplify the structure, while maintaining high rigidity and easy maintenance.

Specification of the Trex 550E Pro DFC :

● Length: 1160mm
● Height: 330mm
● Width: 110mm
● Main Blade Lenght: 550mm
● Main Rotor Diameter: 1248mm
● Tail Rotor Diameter: 254mm
● Motor Drive Gear: 16T
● Main Drive Gear: 112T
● Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 131T
● Tail Drive Gear: 34T
● Drive Gear Ratio: 1:7:3.85
● Weight(w/o power system): 2400g

● Operating voltage range: DC 3.5V~8.4V
● Operating current consumption: <80ma 4="" 8v="" span="">
● X and Y axis Operating Angle Range: -300~+300 degree
● Z axis Operating Angle Range: -600~+600 degree
● Sensor resolution: 12bit
● Supports 90 / 120 / 135 / 140 CCPM swashplates
● Spektrum and JR Satellite antennas support (Replaces original factory receiver)
● Futaba S.BUS system support
● Supports Wide / Narrow Bandwidth Digital and brushless servos
● Compatible with 2 to 5 blades rotor heads
● Built in governor function
● Maximum working voltage: 8.5V
● Compatible with 1024 / 2048 resolution Spektrum receivers 
● Field setup without the use of a PC
● Support up to 6 servos
● Automatic servo type recognition 
● Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 60 degree 
● Operating Humidity: 0% ~ 95% 
● Size: 36.5 x 25.2 x 15.6 mm Size 
● Weight: 11g