T-REX 600E PRO Super Combo

Dhs. 4,650.00

T-REX 600E PRO Super Combo with new aerodynamically efficient low drag flybarless head assembly,with detachable blade grip pitch arm for ease of maintenance.

Users must have a certain concept of security to operate the R/C helicopters.

Be sure to read and comply with related safety notes of instruction manual before flying.

  • Length: 1160mm
  • Height: 340mm
  • Width: 210mm
  • Main Blade Length: 600mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 1347mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 260mm
  • Motor Drive Gear:13T
  • Main Drive Gear:112T
  • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 131T
  • Tail Drive Gear: 34T
  • Drive Gear Ratio: 1:8.61:3.85
  • Weight (With Motor): 2290g
  • T-REX 600E PRO Kits Set X1
  • Aluminum Tail Boom X1
  • 600D Carbon fiber blades X1
  • 600MX Brushless Motor(510KV) X1
  • DS610 Digital servoX3
  • DS650 Digital servo X1
  • GP780 Head Lock Gyro X1
  • Castle ICE HV 80 Brushless ESC X1
  • 6A External BEC w/ 5.1V Two-way Step-down voltage regulator X1
  • 105mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades X1 Set

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:

  1. Transmitter(7-channel or more, helicopter system)
  2. Receiver(7-channel or more)
  3. 6S Li-Po 2600 ~ 4600mAh X2 (3300mAh suggestion)
  4. Dial Pitch Gauge