T-REX600 Nitro PRO KIT (White Glass Fiber Canopy)

Dhs. 2,430.00

Features :

 Both the T-Rex 600 Nitro and 600 Nitro Pro include a Beautiful factory painted fiberglass canopy. Canopy also features a rigid easy clip on/off design for fast installation and removal.

  • Simple and light weight design provides awesome flight performance nearly equal to larger helicopters while still maintaining very stable hovering and flight.
  • +-14° collective pitch is possible for extreme 3D performance.
  • Clutch, Fan and Bell assembly provide a very smooth operation even at high RPM.
  • Forward mounted tail servo helps to keep exhaust oil from entering servo also improves the CG.
  • Pitch and All servos moved forward for CG.
  • Battery tray designed for easy and clean radio gear installation.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 440cc for about 10 minutes 3D flying.
  • Main Gear Radio 8.5:1, 1500-2200 Rotor RPM.
  • Heavy duty tail with thrust bearings.
  • 95mm Tail Blades.
  • Torque Tube driven tail for incredible 50 sized performance.
  • Rigid frame design that can also handle hard crashes without damage.
  • Carbon Fiber frames, fins and boom supports.
  • Super engine cooling system features large diameter fan and very efficient airflow to provide unequaled cooling and horsepower.
  • Clutch/Start shaft feature a 10mm ID one way bearing to eliminate any bearing problems during starting and flight.
  • Ready to fly weight (no fuel) is an incredible 3.20Kg (7lbs).
  • Fuel Tank designed so that no additional header tank is required.
  • New main gear with one-way bearing design for high torque.
  • New flybar paddles feature light weight and sports.
  • New flybar control set design.
  • New tail boom supports.

Specifications :

  • Length : 1160mm
  • Height : 410mm
  • Main Blade Length : 600mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter : 1350mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter : 240mm
  • Engine Pinion Gear : 20T
  • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear : 180T
  • Drive Gear Ratio : 8.5:1:4.5(E:M:T)
  • Flying Weight : Approx. 3200g
  • Color carton : 72x25.7x12.5cm
  • Outer carton : 74.5x52.5x39.5cm ,6sets/ctn