Tango 40 ARF

Dhs. 510.00

Key Features

  • Bolt-on wing and stabilizer mean quick assembly and disassembly, convenient storage and transport
  • Extremely durable aluminum landing gear
  • Power it the way you want it: 2-stroke glow, 4-stroke glow or electric
  • Electric option right from the box—no conversions necessary
  • Deep bevels and counter-balanced rudder and elevators for amazing aerobatic performance
  • Easy-access tail-mounted servos offer short and stiff linkages for extra convenience

Needed To Complete

• 4-channel radio system (minimum)
• 5 standard servos; 45 oz-in minimum torque (JSP20060)
• 18-inch Servo Extension (JSP98120) (2)
• Y-harness (JSP98020) when using a 4-channel radio
• Large Arms/Horns w/Screw (JSP98060) (3 pkgs)
• Evolution® .46–.52 or Saito™ .56–.82 4-stroke
• Prop