Tarot T810 Foldinf Frame Full Carbon Tube

Dhs. 190.00
Product Description: using 6061T6 process aluminum alloy full CNC machining, folding part of independent innovation ¢ 60 metal dovetail groove
Structural design, with a strong clamping force, the locking strength is higher than the the horizontal fixed carbon tube locking strength. Connection point resistance
Nepal design, fast folded bring unusual feelings. Full carbon tube imports 3K lines pure carbon fiber cloth by
Made of high temperature curing, the money is for non-usual commercially available pure carbon tube half carbon half-glass structure products. Precision centerless grinding surface processing,
Determined the exact shape diameter size, all-matte finish carbon fiber strong lines clear three-dimensional effect. This section full carbon tube has high strength,
Light weight, excellent shock resistance performance. The dovetail groove metal parts slot hook threaded with carbon tubes connecting with excellent binding force.
25mm 3K pattern matte pure carbon tube (Φ25 × 23 × 330MM) × 1
Metal dovetail groove tube socket (70 × 29 × 29mm) 24.0 g
The metal damper × 2 (H4 × 16 × 2mm)