Thunder 180

Dhs. 640.00 Dhs. 380.00

The TechOne Thunder 180 F3P is a 3D flyer made of durable, lightweight EPS foam for rigidity that can help you perform show-stopping indoor 3D maneuvers with ease. Both wing and gear are easily removable for transport and/or flying preference. Can be flown both indoors in a large area like a gym or outside. With a streamlined and aerodynamic profile, the Thunder 180 F3P is tailor-made for countless hours of exhilarating, flying fun!

Product Specifications:

  • Wingspan: 900mm
  • Overall Length: 976mm (38.4 in)
  • Flying Weight: 249g (with 2S 350mAh battery 35g)
  • Prop Size: 8040
  • Motor Size: AS2204
  • Speed Control: 10A
  • Servo: 8g*3pcs or 8g*4pcs
  • Recommended Battery: 2S 350mAh 20C Li-Po