Ultimate 150CC - Red/Yellow/Black

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Aeroworks is proud to add the 150cc Ultimate ARF QB to their line of Quick Build Series Aircraft. The Quick Build (QB) Series is top quality in both design and performance that has set a new standard for ARF aircraft. Designed with the customer in mind to provide the highest quality, light weight construction and fastest build time possible.

The 150cc Ultimate 20-300 was designed by Jason Noll to provide the best performing Ultimate to date. Generous control surfaces and an awesome power to weight ratio make this a plane you'll want to fly every visit to the field! The 150cc Ultimate 20-300 has unbeatable stability and precision flight characteristics and is certain to please both the beginner as well as the advanced competitor. Designed for both Precision and 3D Style flying this plane is sure to out perform all other aircraft.


  • Strong Light Weight Construction
  • Professionally Covered in Ultracote™
  • Extra Ultracote™ Covering Provided for Small Repairs
  • Pre-Mounted and Tinted Canopy Hatch Assembly
  • Pre-Mounted Fiberglass Cowl and Wheel Pants
  • Flush Fit Cowling with No External Mounting Bolts
  • Machined Aluminum Engine Stand Offs Included
  • Pre-Installed and Fuel Proofed Engine Box
  • Laser Cut Engine Mounting Templates Provided
  • Fuel Tank and Smoke Tank
  • One Servo Wing
  • One Servo Elevator
  • Large Control Surfaces Double Beveled for Maximum Throw
  • Pre-Hinged from Factory (Ready to Fly) No Gluing
  • Pre-Installed Center Cabane
  • Carbon Reinforced Wing Spar Increases Wing Strength
  • Carbon Fiber Wing Tube
  • Carbon Fiber Stab Tube
  • Carbon Fiber Main Landing Gear
  • Carbon Fiber Tail Wheel Assembly
  • No Flying Wires Required = Faster Assembly at the Field!
  • Complete High Quality SAE Hardware Package Included
  • Adjustable Pushrods with Centering Nut
  • Custom Throw Meter Included
  • Complete and Detailed Instruction Manual on CD
  • 12 to 14 Hours Assembly Time

Optional Accessories:

  • Dash Panel
  • Carbon Fiber Spinner
  • Custom Decal Set
  • Wing and Stab Bag Set


  • Wing Span 94 Inches
  • Wing Area 3250 Square Inches
  • Fuselage Length 107 Inches (Rudder to Front of Cowl)
  • Fuselage Length 113.5 Inches (Rudder to Front of Spinner) 
  • Cowl Width 15 Inches
  • Weight 41 to 42 Pounds
  • Engine 150cc Gas
  • Spinner Size 5 Inches
  • Radio 6 Channels Minimum

Recommended Servos:

  • Throttle - Hitec HS-5625MG
  • Aileron - Hitec HS-7955TG (Quantity 4)
  • Elevator - Hitec HS-7955TG (Quantity 2)
  • Rudder - Hitec HS-7955TG (Quantity 3)
Recommended Pilots:
Aeroworks  35% Ace, Hollywood, Ice, Maverick, Noll or Phantom 
40% Realistic Scale and Realistic Scale Masters

Ultracote™ Color Codes:
Yellow/Blue/Silver Color Scheme
#884 Cub Yellow
#845 Pearl Blue
#881 Silver
#870 White
Red/Yellow/Black Color Scheme
#866 True Red
#884 Cub Yellow
#874 Black
#881 Silver